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Thank you for visiting LOFTER GROUP樂風集團 official website. We are a property developer in Hong Kong. We set up the company a decade ago. Depsite the short history of LOFTER GROUP, we have been actively exploring a variety of opportunities for developing urban renewal projects across core districts of Hong Kong, with key focus on Grade A Commercial and Luxury Residential Projects.

‘LOFTER CLUB’ aims at providing a wide spectrum of privilege offers and organizing a broad series of activities for members. Bringing offers to honourable members through interactive and connective affiliation, understanding members’ needs by providing them with complete support to enhance quality and service standard of the Group’s projects.

Any owners or users of LOFTER GROUP’S Supreme Workshops, who is at least 18 years old (including non-Hong Kong residents) is eligible to sign up for free to enjoy the unique privileges offered by the Club.

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LOFTER LEGEND, the latest Conversion Projects of LOFTER GROUP

Only a 3-minute walk to Ngau Tau Kok Station#, LOFTER LEGEND is strategically located in the heart of the Kowloon East CBD, neighbouring a cluster of major shopping malls like Telford Plaza, Millennium City and Mega Box. The Hoi Bun Road development area, one of the most sought-after locations, is seeing rapid revitalisation from an old industrial zone into a modern commercial centre as a result of its transforming local economy.

Plenty of revitalisation projects and new developments are underway in this area. The landmark project ONE BAY EAST, a grade-A office and retail tower, is generating foot traffic and consumption. Developers like Wheelock Properties, Link REIT, Nan Fung Group and a subsidiary of Singapore’s Temasek Holdings have acquired sites here, in an effort to build this area into another prime location for grade-A office buildings after Central. With the Hoi Bun Road area becoming a hub of many international financial organisations, its property value is sure to soar.

Boosted by billion-dollar projects like Energizing Kowloon East and the Kai Tak Development, East Kowloon has stepped into a phase of rapid growth. The Hoi Bun Road area in particular is set to prosper as a new, vibrant location within ten years.

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我們深明,人才發展對新世界集團的不斷進步至關重要。因此,除了全面和優厚的薪酬待遇外,集團也為員工提供良好的就業機會和專業發展平台。如果你已經準備好迎接挑戰,追求你的事業理想,歡迎您點擊以下職位空缺,填寫職位申請表格及上傳個人簡歷。 如目前沒有合適您的職位空缺,也歡迎您在此處提交個人簡歷,以便我們作爲日後參考之用。 感謝您對新世界集團的關注。 Manager - Technology Strateg

公司業務 主要從事物業發展及投資、建築、服務提供( 囊括 物業及 舉措 管理、交通 輸送 服務及 別的 服務)、基建項目經營( 囊括 經營公路、環境項目、商務飛機 租借 以及 口岸 及物流 措施 )、 旅社 營運、百貨經營、媒體、科技及 別的 策略性業務。 最新業績 截至2021年12月31日止6個月中期業績,公司擁有人應佔溢利為 26.6億港元,同比增幅 27.Eight%。 每股基本 紅利